Friday, March 9, 2012

Platform--Build That Website and They Will Come

Our mentor, agent Michael Larsen tells us our website is "the front door to your living room in cyber-space..." If this is the case then let's remember the rules of "curb appeal."
- symmetry (giving balance to your home page is important, symmetry makes the page pleasing to the eye and also guides visitors);
- new hardware (add in those website buttons using style and interest);
-dress up the front door (make your personal statement on your home page with color and a few simple words);
- create gardens (gardens are those little 'go-to' places that people can discover);
- architecture (make a grand entryway into your website by remembering to build it with a style in mind, rather than plain-Jane);
- add outdoor art (add your book covers and images and some pics!).

Your website is you home-base. It tells about you and your books. It's there to engage the reader as well as capture the interest of that elusive agent. My website introduces me to the world. It contains my immediate goals (publish my memoir) as well as my long-term goals (lead a grass-roots movement to teach on the subject of the femininity of the Holy Spirit). A tour of my home should help any visitor get to know both me and my work. 

Bought from on my site: author's note reading, logo video, rap song 'Intro', book trailer, blog header, 3-D book cover, and blog background (not yet ready).

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