Thursday, May 17, 2012

Free Summer Reading!

After working hard to upload my book Saving Mary to Amazon (the story of how I went and got myself possessed during a transcendental meditation session) and fixing html code, I’m glad to say I’m done and the book is up. By the way, if you plan on publishing an ebook, be sure to delete all code from your manuscript and then re-add what you need. I had weird things go on because of old code (at least I think this was the reason). The weirdest one: the word “paper” was changed to “papier” (French for paper). Other weird things included commas showing up in strange places. But at least the book is done, and with that being said, for all those who like free things…today my book is free!

Just go HERE and download a free copy onto your kindle. If you don’t have a kindle you can go HERE and download an app that will allow you to read a kindle book on your computer, phone, tablet or Ipad. So far, this morning, I’ve given away 45 free books.

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