Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Make Your Proposal Shine!

Okay, time to move on. Let's assume we all have wonderful, creative and fabulously interesting words to share. The proposal is simply our means of exhibiting, to agents, what we want to share with our target audience. The proposal makes or breaks the deal. (We'll talk about queries after the proposal.) Whether we write fiction or non-fiction the proposal is still our means of presenting our work. M's book How to Write a Book Proposal really is a fab book--TONS of GEMS in there that will help our proposals do their job.

Let's remember who gets to see our wonderful proposals:
* the agent
* editors
* marketing
* finance
Our proposal must speak to each of these people. (Not just the agent!)
Our proposal should make everyone's job easier.
The proposal (I now understand because I read both my mentor's books) is HUGELY important. This blog is about making our proposals CLEAR, CONCISE, ENGAGING, INFORMATIVE and MARKETABLE.

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