Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tips From the Agents!

So, as I was browsing through the big book of agents this morning I noticed some wonderful words of advice under the agents' "Tips" that may be prudent for us to burn into our memories:
*"Read at least 2 books on how to prepare book proposals before sending material. An extremely well-prepared proposal will make your material stand out."
*  "Please do your research so you won't send me books/proposals I specifically excluded."
* "Be professional in your writing."
* "Submit only your best work for consideration."
* "Be complete, forthright and clear in your communications."
* "A writer should only begin to get 'interested in getting an agent' if the work is polished, literate and ready to be presented to a publishing house. Anything less is either asking for a quick rejection or is a thinly disguised plea for creative assistance ..." (see pg 198 for the rest of this helpful tip).

This being said, the word for us author-wanna-bes is PATIENCE.

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