Sunday, December 4, 2011


Well, I signed onto Webook and entered one of my titles on PageToFame-- this cost me $3.95. Now my title along with a two-three sentence synopsis (the hook) and the first page of my manuscript will be available to view. Other people will now read my short intro and vote on whether my work should continue on. You need to make it through 3 rounds: a 1st page round, a 5-page round and  a 50-page round. If your work makes it through, then it will be shown to a group of agents.

If you want to enter your work--make sure you have a fabulous hook and a great title and an intriguing 1st page. This is actually a great writing exercise.

But...the fun part is the reading. Reading is free by the way--so go sign up. I read 15 entries and then rated them. It was quick, fun and painless. Plus, it gives you an idea of what doesn't work. So I do highly suggest you become a reader. I would have kept reading but I needed to feed my kids. The reading and rating is addictive. Go to and sign yourself up and start reading and rating!

Tomorrow I'll sign up for AgentInBox and tell you all about it

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