Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Book Touring--Will it Help?

You may be asking yourself, if I publish an ebook do I have to market it? The answer is an overwhelming "Yes!" (If you want people to read it, that is).  The problem with ebooks is that your wonderful book sits on a shelf, not with 100 other similar book titles (like it might in a book store), instead it shares shelf space with thousands of titles. Take my spiritual memoir Saving Mary: The Possession for instance. It shares shelf space with 13,131 other memoirs. If someone were to scroll through all the memoirs (and only REALLY avid memoir readers would ever do this), the time it would take to reach my book is well over 25 minutes. (I scrolled for 25 minutes and then got bored--and I only made it to book 1,369!) Of course, along the way I got side-tracked by other wonderful books. Which obviously means--had I been looking for a memoir to read, I would have bought one most likely by book 100 (never ever to notice poor Saving Mary).

So that being said, I am going on a book tour--a virtual book tour. (I won't even have to leave my office.)

Check out Shadow Blog Tours where I am having a Quote Party! on May 5th (my B-Day, by the way).

I'm also at the Virtual Book Tour Cafe, starting May 21.
You can also follow the Orangeberry Virtual Book Tour, starting June 8th.
And I will be at the Young Adult Novel Reader in June.

As far as advertising goes, I've paid for advertising on Kindle Nation Daily and Kindle Fire Department.

So far, I have 30 blogs lined up to showcase my book and five ads set to feature my book. And I'm hoping for more. I'll let you know if any of this helps with sales.

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