Monday, April 30, 2012

My Pants Are on Backwards!

I was just posting on Facebook that I noticed my pants were on backwards. I drove my kid to school and pumped gas dressed like this--with a saggy bottom hanging awkwardly on my front side (thank goodness I didn't stop off at Walmart only to get tagged as a 'Walmart Shopper'). The sad thing is, all this happened over two hours ago and I still haven't turned my pants around. I guess I'm a bit busy these days trying to figure out how to market my ebook. (Where should I spend my meager marketing budget in this overwhelming on-line world?) So this being said, I've decided to take a break with this particular blog while I spend the next few months posting interviews and reviews on other blog sites. But don't worry, I won't leave you alone in this crazy journey of seeking an agent and establishing a writing career. I have enlisted the help of fellow writer, blogger and agent seeker, Chris Wollam. Chris is a member of the writing group I attend (Southeastern WA Chapter of the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association). He was one of the people who took time to help me edit my book proposal (he helped me immensely!), and he's currently working to perfect his own book proposal before sending it off to wonderful agents. Chris is a great guy, eager to learn, eager to write and eager to share his journey with you. He will begin posting this week, telling us a bit about himself and about his proposal. I will chime in once in a while, whenever I find something interesting that you need to know about.

Which reminds me, Inkubate is having a contest, see website for details:

Registration Process. Entrants register by completing a profile on the Inkubate website and submitting at least one literary work (the "Entry") to Inkubate. Entries must be uploaded to the Inkubate website and tagged for The Literary Blockbuster Challenge by December 15, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. (U.S. Eastern Standard Time). You may submit up to three (3) Entries to The Literary Blockbuster Challenge. (You may upload additional works to the Inkubate website for review by agents and publishers separate and apart from The Literary Blockbuster Challenge, but only novels are eligible for The Literary Blockbuster Challenge.) This is the only method by which you may register and submit Entries to The Literary Blockbuster Challenge. Any submission received in any other form or manner will not be acknowledged, will not be deemed an Entry, and will not be returned. 


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