Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Book Benefits

Being sick with a cold gives you a lot of time to sit in bed and think...about book benefits. So remembering that a feature is something your book has and a benefit is something your book does, what are my book's benefits? What are my features?

*Bennies for...
The MotherHeart of God: Biblical Evidence for the Femininity of the Holy Spirit

- Open the reader’s eyes to the numerous scriptures that reveal the Holy Spirit as woman.
- Equip readers with simple scriptural arguments to help them explain the femininity of the Holy Spirit to others.
- Encourage readers (regardless of their faith or spiritual orientation) to truly honor women.
-  Explain why Bible translators continually choose the pronoun “he” when referring to the Spirit of God.
-  Provide practical advice and spiritual experience to help others develop a relationship with the Holy Spirit.
- Help women to see themselves as God’s true children, made in God's image, loved, honored and highly respected by God.
- Introduce Christians to their mother--confirming that God truly is a family.

* special features
- Beautiful illustrations of different images of the Holy Spirit are included at the beginning of each chapter. 
- Quotes from spiritual leaders, saints and authors are included throughout. 
- Personal anecdotes regarding my own spiritual experience with the Holy Spirit are interspersed throughout.
- Sub-headings and chapter summaries are used.
- An introduction by ? is included (hmmmmm, have to work on this one).
- A link to a blog is included to discuss the book.

As I worked on this section I learned something important--that I had violated Rule No.10 Your Book Tries to Do Too Much 

Mentor M tells us "One book one message." As I looked over my benefits (in my first draft) I realized I had actually written two books: one that listed the biblical evidence and one that explained why this information had been lost to the Christian church and why it's important for the information to come out now. I had crammed every possible thought and  reference into the book and the book was now a bloated 400 pages. Needless to say, I now have some editing to do on the book, and everything that does not include "biblical evidence" will be cut. After all, as mentor M says: "If you're writing a manuscript and you find yourself drawn toward a deeper exploration of a subtopic or side plot, it should set off a red flag in your critical evaluation of your own work."

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