Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tips for Listing Your Competition

Mentor M has a great chapter on how to list your competition (I recommend you read it). Remember don't just rattle-off a few similar books and be done with it, and don't list every similar book out there:
- list those that are direct competitors or those that complement your book
- list those that prove there is a market for your book
- list books in order of importance
- be brief
- use a verb to efficiently describe what each book does (instead of saying "This book explains the...." just say, Explains the Catholic rite of exorcism."
- mention websites that focus on your book's topic
- mention popular ebooks
- be professional (Don't dis a book in an attempt to make your book look better. Just list what it does. If it has a weakness or if it is lacking something, give a brief explanation.)
- be polite
- don't say, "There are no books like mine!" (Do your homework.)
- at the end of your list write a short paragraph about how your book stands out from those books you just listed.This is where you WOW them with how your book is different, timely and needed.

Here's a link for more.

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