Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Platform--Building Blocks of Blogging

At a local writer's conference I took a class called 'social media.' I tell you by the end of that class my head was swimming. I was completely overwhelmed with all the strange jargon and the work. I was queasy with anxiety. But oddly enough the instructor who led the class seemed quite at home in all the twittering and blogging--it seemed like she actually liked it. I couldn't wrap my brain around this. Despite my feelings of nausea I decided to start a blog which I then hooked up to Twitter and then to Reddit and Digg and StumbleUpon, and also to Book Blogs and Networked Blogs. (I think I hooked it up to something else--but I can no longer remember!) There's so much out there...I have a bazillion passwords for a bazillion different social media sites. ACK!

But really everything's okay. My head has not exploded, I still sleep at night and I'm still kind to my cat. I am now an avid user of social media. YAY!

Mentor M's book How to Write a Book Proposal is a great book to carry stuffed in your purse (not on your kindle 'cause they freeze up and are annoying) or even on your desk as two-thirds of it deals with building an on-line platform. That's right, over half the book is about marketing and how to stick all that marketing into your proposal. And, of course, building a blog is part of all that marketing.

But the hardest part of blogging is not necessarily creating the posts (finding information that will be both interesting and helpful to people), it's finding the readers--this is the difficult part. When it comes to marketing a blog, I have...
* put ads on Google
* put ads on other blogs
* put ads in magazines
* linked to other sites such as Book Blogs and Networked Blogs (and the other one that I can't remember), joined Reddit, Twitter, Digg

But by far the most helpful advertising method is the linking and it's free! So that being said...if you like this blog and you wish to see me and my kind get published please...
* Like me on Facebook
* Retweet me
* Up me on Reddit (hit the green button at the bottom and sign on to Reddit--post me to the sub-reddit--'writing'
* Share me on Digg
* Re-post me
* or link me on your website (Big 'Thank You' to those who already have!)


 *And Check out the links on my blog*

Below: how to use Reddit

How to use Digg
How to use StumbleUpon

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