Monday, January 16, 2012

Reason #69 Your Book was REJECTED!

As I was perusing mentor M's book of mistakes, while thinking about book benefits, I came across Reason #69: Your Book Costs Too Much to Make and I immediately thought, oops! I must remember to take this into consideration. As mentor M points out, we can get ourselves rejected by forgetting that benefits cost money! Think, for instance, about a glow-in-the-dark pop-up book that (after your child finishes reading it) can be turned into a small paper town by simply extracting all the pop-outs and fitting them together (tab A into slot B style). That fantastic book, though totally possible to make, would cost a fortune and so...REJECTION!

So what kind of benefits are rather costly for the average book...well, here are a few...
* full color printing
* permission fees for song lyrics
* maps
* permission fees for reprints of artwork
* large excerpts from other authors
* creative formatting or binding

And let's not forget E-books...
* adding pictures
* adding any graphic
* adding music 

So let's just remember, folks buy books for what they say. And lots of book benefits (like anecdotes and humor) are free!

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