Friday, February 3, 2012

Ack! How do I Get My Fab Ebook Out There?!

Ebook Distribution These guys turn your words into Ebooks and upload them to the sellers that you choose...some only upload to the major sellers: Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Google. Remember, these large distributors take a royalty cut--*watch out for Ebook distributors who take a LARGE royalty rate like around. Make sure you are actually getting something for your money! They then pay you your cut and some offer nice on-line accounting details of your sales. Of course, you can choose to be your own distributor and create and upload files yourself (through Smashwords). I am paying a small publishing house (located in my city) to create and distribute the Ebook for me--with no royalty rate.


Reviews on Distributers
Blog on Distributors

 Ebook Retailers So now, with a nice Ebook created, you then upload to retailers who then sell them for you. These guys take a royalty rate. Anywhere from 15% to 60%. (Some are both distributors and retailers.)

Amazon and its affiliate in India

...and Google Ebooks, Fictionwise, Diesel, weRead, GoodReads, Epubbooks, Copia where you can social network--while reading! And don't forget ProjectGutenberg (free ebooks)

Interesting video on the different uses of Ebooks and Apps

Okay, that's enough of that. My head hurts now. (I hope all the links work.)

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