Monday, February 20, 2012

Reason # 56 Your Book Was REJECTED

If our goal as a writer is to find that perfect agent, who can land us that most excellent book deal why would we bother to make an Ebook trailer? For one thing, as mentor Michael Larsen tells us in How to Write a Book Proposal, videos of any type "raise your rankings on search engines;" so the more videos you do, the quicker your name shows up on Google. But another reason to do a book trailer (without an agent) is to avoid getting rejected because of mentor Mike Nappa's Reason No.56 - You Have No Sales History to Speak Of. As I said before, generating sales through releasing a self-published book means 'proven potential.' So if you really want to work in the hard-cover book world then release an Ebook and build a book trailer to help market it. 

The trailer above was done on where you can pay 5 bucks for your voice-over and 5 bucks per 5 seconds of video. You can also go through images on Pond 5 and choose your own images and videos.

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