Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Inkubate up and Running

So I got an email from Inkubate asking me to finish creating my profile page; Inkubate is all ready to go--and I guess, so am I.

I've added myself as an author and finished my bio, then I included an excerpt and added my proposal. But not without a few first the site kept refusing to let me add my material, but a quick email was rapidly responded to and eventually every thing got loaded.

Actually, I like Inkubate's setup. I'm able to add enough material that a prospective agent will be able to get a clear feel for my work. (Unlike Webook's AgentInbox--which only allows a short query.)

But still, I'm skeptical. Will real live agents actually take the time to search Inkubate? And will they actually PAY to read my proposal? Only time will tell; I'll keep you posted.

On another note, I'm still enjoying Webook's Page to Fame. My material from Saving Mary is scoring 53% hate it and 42% love it. If you want to vote go to Webook/PagetoFame/Rate/Category/non-fiction...I should be there...somewhere.

Tip: if you decide to upload your own story, be sure to place as lengthy an excerpt as you can...I'm wishing I had put in a longer excerpt.

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