Thursday, February 16, 2012

Need A Platform? - A Conference Might Help

I've dreamed about having a MotherHeart conference ever since I first started working on my manuscript (I think that was back in 2002). I kept dreaming about a conference even after my pastor (and good friend) advised me to put the manuscript (The MotherHeart of God: Biblical Evidence for the Femininity of the Holy Spirit) away for a few years because there was no way regular Christian folk were going to accept the material inside--it was all just too unexpected and seemingly new. When Wm. Paul Young's fictional book The Shack came out and regular Christian folk liked it and even LOVED it (despite his feminine take on God) I was convinced I would be throwing a conference sooner than later. But it wasn't until I got that one special email from "Prospective Agent Number 34" where he convinced me I would be going nowhere in this day and age without some sort of platform, that I actively began planning (drum roll pls!) ...
               The MotherHeart Conference 2013.

So now with conference gears in motion, I took my five bucks and sent it to to pay for the lovely video of my conference logo set to music. I'm going to use this video on my gorgeous upcoming website. And by the way, wonderful author Wm. Paul Young has confirmed that he will be speaking at  ... The MotherHeart Conference 2013

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