Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Platform--All For 5 Bucks!

If you'll remember, I promised to build a platform that should be able to convince any agent that:

* I am highly visible on the internet
* I am engaged in social media
* my internet presence is professional
* that I can run a grass roots campaign
* that I can sell books
* that I have PR worthy accomplishments
* that I understand marketing

That being said, theses are the things I plan on doing:
-create an Ebook (creates internet presence and proves I can sell books)
-create two fan pages in Facebook (proves I use social media)
-make a website (to look professional on internet)
-start another blog (for the MotherHeart project--again, proves I use social media)
-throw a conference (to prove I can run a grass roots campaign)
-market my Ebook by creating book trailers (proves that I understand marketing)

Sound expensive? You bet. But here are some tips...
Free Facebook fan page from Pagemodo (you only get 1 freebie)
Free Facebook page from (in case you need 2 pages for free)
Free website from Author Central
or one from Authors Den
or from
... and then there is...
Any thing for 5 bucks from

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