Thursday, February 23, 2012

Great Posts from Agent Rachelle Gardner

Building a platform is not for the weak of heart. After all, the word 'platform' itself brings to mind images of individuals standing on soap boxes crying out "look at me, look at me!" For most writers, however, what we would rather say is, "don't look at me--look at my book!" But somehow we have to get beyond this; we must feel comfortable standing on our soapboxes saying, "look at me and my book." Challenging to say the least. But luckily for writers, blogging has helped in so many ways. When ever I feel alone in this difficult field I simply visit a blog and glean good advice, inspiration or specific direction from people who know what I'm dealing with. From there I keep on keepin' on. This week I've enjoyed agent Rachelle Gardner's blog ... see two helpful posts below:

How to build your own book trailer on Rachelle Gardner's blog

13 Ways to Impress an Agent

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