Friday, February 24, 2012

Platform Building: Don't Forget Your FanPage on Facebook!

I knew I wanted a fanpage on Facebook set up for my Saving Mary book, so I checked out PageModo and other sites like them. Their costs ran around the 50 buck mark--except, they also wanted $10.00 per month to 'host' the site. Which, in my mind, means doing nothing for 10 bucks every month--come on, it's a facebook page...DO THEY REALLY NEED HOSTING?! My website company said they'd build me one for $500.00 bucks! (AACK! This poor writer almost had a heart attack.) 

In the end I spent a whooping 5 bucks on and I love my new fanpage! And remember, IT COST 5 BUCKS! To check out both my fanpages follow the links below:

- Like Saving Mary: The Possession here on Facebook
- Like The MotherHeart Conference here on Facebook (this page was FREE and I made it myself)

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